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Chase Reif Chris Eric Dhf/co Donald Ross
Dr Thomas Stern Elise Miserowski Elizebeth Eyler Gerardo Terranova
GIA Ingri Quon Jack Mann Jan Starkey
Juliana Gambrell Karen Holt Katherine Grahl Kathleen Erik
Ken Owen Lance Heck Lance Heck Lisa Daily
Marion Halfacre Mia Ottestad Michael Zibman Monique Carpenter
Orin Terry Patrick Caliouette Phil Roberts Pierre Torraine
Richard Heaton Rick Ballreich Robert Mc Cumsey Rosemary Evans
S. K. Sylvia Bissonnette Terry Lee Terry Ottoway
The Schuber family Tom Garret Tom Henry Tom Powell
Yolanda Stern Yvette Eckman    

About Sylvia Bissonnette

It was an honor for me to be invited to participate in Jim Grahl’s vision. When I first met Jim, in 1985 I have recently moved from Manhattan. Newport Beach was quite a contrast, a boating and surfing oasis after a bustling and busy area full of concrete and large buildings.

Jim entrusted me with some of his most precious jewelry pieces to photograph. I still remember that my favorite shot was a multi-thousand dollar letter opener that I laid on an ornamental cabbage. Jim’s jewelry was wonderful to photograph because it allowed me to express my creativity while capturing images of these incredibly beautiful jeweled sculptures. I’m proud to say that It has been more than 25 years since I started photographing for Jim. His jewelry allows me to concentrate on color, texture and light direction. I feel lucky and fortunate that doing this work has help me create some of my favorite images.

About Chase Rief

The groundbreaking “Societie des Perles Fines” website was created by Chase Rief and his team. Not only has he brought his marketing and web development skills into our design repertoire, with a blend of his technology and his skills, as well as for helping us form partnerships in the natural pearl education world.

Utilizing his skills, we have several sites under construction. This website design is a prime example of the skills that he and his team bring to the table.