Limoges Enamel
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While this is an ancient art, it was newly discovered for us. Eight panels are roughly shaped in China best, fired and then hand shaped to follow the curve of the surface. Using the proverbial "one haired brush", the form of the animals is way down. The form of enamel is thousands of years old and has proven throughout time to be one of the most long-lived. This process allows us to capture a full image. Once completed, these pieces are framed in 18 karat gold and platinum, set with diamonds and hand engraved.

The details of the construction are as follows:

Metals - 18 carry yellow, green, and rose gold; platinum, 5% iridium alloy; sterling Silver, used in base

Gemstones - round diamonds, 550 full cut stones E. -- F. color, BBS 1 and 2; Ruby, one hexagon, 1.12 ct.; six "buff top" baguettes .75 ct. total weight; pearls, one round Tahitian, South Sea pearl; 1.2 round Akoya pearl, 160

Music Mechanism - to tune Swiss mechanical with start, stop and tune change controls, signed H.C.L. circa 1850;

Carousel Floor - Tahitian mother-of-pearl

Enamel - Shell and base proprietary to J Grahl; Limoges China Animal Panels.


The Mann Collection
“Anniversary Egg”, Completed 1980 Egg no. 1

The Mann Collection,
“Carousel Egg” no. 1 Completed 1982

The Mann Collection,
4 k Gold, Completed 1980 (no.8)