Societe Des Perles Fines
For the love of pearls…

The first organization of its kind, the society of natural pearls intends to document the rarest of first treasures. Not only do we explore the science, perceptions and myths of the naturally occurring Pearl, we are the proud owners of the largest photo archive of documented natural pearls.

Our work allows us to work hand-in-hand with the gemological Institute of America, the natural pearl merchants of the Middle East, and scientists. The scientists help us understand the mysteries and the fragility of the creatures who produce such varied and beautiful objects.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to protecting our oceans delicate environment. We also strive to educate those who may otherwise endanger that environment. We are committed to challenging all preconceptions, and encouraging healthy debate.

Our history

Our inspiration came from Dr. Thomas Kim Stern. His humanitarianism and his commitment to peaceful resolution of conflict led to him being adopted, and in turn crowned Prince in 2007 by Sultan Esmail Kiram. At that time, he then became responsible for the Sulu Sea’s greatest natural treasure, Pearls.

Pearls are the rarest of all natural gems. Pearls occur so rarely, that in 30 years time, only several handfuls are discovered worldwide. While there are tons of cultured pearls from Tahiti, North Australia, and Japan their rarity becomes readily apparent. It’s no surprise, that availability of natural pearls is kept secret from the world at large. Pearls in fact have long been recognized as gems for royalty and those with either extensive wealth or of great political importance. Due to shifting economics of the last century, people of many walks of life are now in a position to own these rarities.

The Society de Perles Fines role is to share the romance and history of natural pearls. We provide information and education and are willing to help all potential collectors and owners have a true sense of the value of these pieces.

We are also committed to be at the service of those who harvest the treasures of the Sulu Sea. We believe in fostering good business and combining self-respect with a healthy respect for the ecology that allows these pearls perform. Because of this, we try to dedicate monetary return for these gems.