Who We Are

Nothing in this work is more important that the remarkable relationships that have been formed with all the brilliant contributing artists. The objects embody rare stones, metals of tremendous value and time beyond calculation. My heart and thanks go to the following people , each has stepped up to exceed their personal thoughts of their skill level. Each has contributed time outside the bounds of money and each has caused me to be a better craftsman, artist and human

Chris Eric, “the mechanical genius” behind much of the music and creative applications for our most challenging projects

Beth Eyler-Wong, Wax carver extrordaniere’, a humorist to challenge the best, a heart beyond measurement.

Phil Roberts... Surf buddy, “The Best” portrait artist and sculptor I’ve ever met, the attitude and patience of a saint!

Charles Holt, “The Glue” . always causing me to think my decisions through, managing the (seemingly) unmanageable task of completing the Balboa egg, woodcrafts-master. Friend.